AR Forum boardroom discussion at SFO

The next stage of Analyst Relations Transformation

November 9th 2022

Where: Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport,

1333 Old Bayshore Hwy, Burlingame, CA 94010

What: A discussion hosted by the AR Forum

When: November 9th 2022, 12 noon to 5pm

Who: For senior Analyst Relations professionals, able to contribute and benefit from the discussions

Why: To consolidate insights from the 2022 Analyst Relations Forum

How: To request your seat email the event host, Duncan Chapple.

The Analyst Relations Forum landed in San Francisco on November 9th, delivering a knowledge sharing platform for AR leaders. Boardroom events review insights and develop discussions from previous AR Forum sessions. The 2022 Forum’s eight sessions explored best practice and next practice for analyst relations, with almost 2,000 session registrations from around 800 professionals. Sessions at the SFO event were be a mix of presentation and roundtable formats covering the themes that most excited the virtual audience in June and July, including data and evaluation, digital transformation, and the next stage of analyst relations evolution.

The 2022 AR Forum Boardroom event was sponsored by the Association for Analyst Relations Partnership, CCgroup and SageCircle. At the event's closing was a mixer organized by ARInsights, which hosts its ARchitect User Forum. We and ARInsights agree it’s mutually beneficial to have these events back-to-back.


12:00 Networking: coffee, tea and snacks

12:30 Best Practice

Data & Insights: From measurement to evaluation

How can we shift from measuring process to evaluating outcomes?

How can AR programmes better use data to drive effectiveness and evaluate programme success?

How can AR metrics evolve to align with wider business goals?

13:45 Break

14:00 Best Practice

Digital Transformation: How AR processes are being reimagined for digital-first marketing approaches

How can AR programmes capitalise on the opportunities digital marketing tools and platforms offer?

How are digital processes changing measurement and evaluation?

Can digital processes deliver new insights and intelligence to measure analyst engagement and advocacy?

15:15 Networking refreshments

15:45 Next Practice

The next stage of AR transformation

Should AR reinvent itself as stakeholder or market relations to reflect changing spheres of influence?

How can AR evolve to deliver more business value?

How can AR teams collaborate with the wider business to support growth?

Note: Our boardroom events are interactive discussions between senior AR professionals. We aiming for 12 to 16 participants in the boardroom. Boardroom discussions are held under the ‘Chatham House’ rule: participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor affiliation may be revealed.